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    Read Before Applying

    Dim Sum
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    Read Before Applying

    Post  Dim Sum on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:38 pm

    If you wish to join Enigma Shades just fill out the Application form seriously and a trial period in the guild will follow, if nothing goes wrong. After this period of time is completed you will be notified if you are to be accepted by fellow guild mates. If you are accepted, you will officially become a member. If not, you will be notified and expelled before then. During your time staying in guild you may leave at any given point if you feel as if the guild isn't for you. If you cannot relate with the guild, there isn't a point in staying and we will understand.

    Remember we are a WoE ACTIVE guild, please take that into consideration before you apply. Any WoE that you cannot attend please inform us ahead of time. Repetitively missing WoE without notifying us will result in getting expelled. School and real life activity will always come before RO or any game period. We are very understanding so just talk to any of us if anything comes up.

    You need to be registered & logged in to this board in order to apply.
    (To register, click on "Register" button on top left of the forum.)

    Only TRANS job is allowed in guild. No 3rd jobs allowed in the guild.

    Steps to apply:

    Step 1. Read everything here carefully. If you agree to everything below, then continue.
    Step 2. If you do not have an account here, register a new account, it only takes few minutes. If you are a registered member, log in to post your application.
    Step 3. Copy the Application Format given here(see below), make a new topic in the "Apply to the Guild" section & fill in the details.

    Each applicant(character) is given a maximum of 3 tries to apply. If you are rejected 3 times, then you'll have NO CHANCES of getting into the guild & your account in forum will be banned(deleted).
    If you get accepted, your application will be moved to "Accepted Applications" section & you will also receive a PM(via forums) about the next step(getting a guild invitation).
    If not, your application will be moved to rejected sections.

    No advices about the build will be given(Only minor help). If the applicant seems to be having less knowledge about WoE/Build, then he/she is directly rejected. An applicant who gets into the guild successfully can ask for suggestions for his/her build in-game or in forums.

    Requirements to join guild:

    1. ONLY TRANS JOB ALLOWED, 3rd Jobbers are not allowed in the guild.
    2. Understand English and have ability to follow orders given.
    3. VENTRILO IS A MUST. Applicants without ventrilo will not be accepted. Even if you dont have a mic, just download ventrilo & switch on your speakers, so that you can listen to our orders. If you wish to join the guild please download Ventrilo from here.
    - Ventrilo is a place to chat and just chill and communicate with the guild whether its for RO or for other games or just plain chatting.
    4. Need to have the good knowledge about the game, the class you play & WoE.
    5. Commitment and loyalty.
    6. WoE active. We understand things come up from time to time such as school, work, social life and so on, so contact any of us if you cant attend a WoE day. We're very easy going as long as you tell us what's going on.
    - If you miss WoE repetitively without notification, you will be expelled from the guild.
    - Our main WoE times are Wednesday 8-9PM, Friday 8-9PM and Sunday 3-5PM, server time.
    7. Follow the rules the server gives and don't Bot, WPE, or use any other kind of third party applications that are illegal.
    8. Treat others how you would like to be treated, so play nice. Though WoE brings drama we believe the drama should only stay in those limited hours of WoE and not outside.
    9. Application should be filled in detail & seriously. Any ignorant or incomplete applications will be directly rejected.
    10. Must be able to follow all the rules of forum, guild & server.

    Rules to be followed:

    1. No insulting or disrespecting guild members & guild master.
    2. Don't do anything that brings bad name to the guild or the guild members.
    3. No advertising about other guilds.
    4. MUST follow given orders.
    5. No spamming/flooding guild chat.
    6. MUST use ventrilo, try to buy a mic if you dont have one so you can talk instead of typing & wasting time.
    7. Must be forum active. Use the forums to get to know your guildmates well.
    8. Any character who breaks any of the rules above will be directly kicked out of guild.

    Application form is given below in the 2nd post. Just copy the entire application form, make a new topic in "Apply Here" section & paste it there & answer the questions asked.
    ALL the questions must be answered!
    MUST post a screenshot of his/her equip window, stat window & battlemode(BM).
    Any application which doesnt meet the above requirements will be rejected.

    When we ask you to provide updates, you have 4 days at most to reply with the updates. If not, your application will be rejected.
    I would like mention it again, SCREENSHOT OF YOUR WHOLE GAMEPLAY SCREEN IS A MUST!

    Good Luck applying to the guild!

    (Credits for Guild Intro & few other points: Inferno(http://www.inferno.co.cc) & Forced Entry(http://www.forcedentry.co.cc))

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    Enigma Shades

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    Application Form

    Post  Administrator on Tue May 11, 2010 1:27 pm

    Application Form is given below.
    The name of the topic should be "Application of 'Your Character Name'"

    Application Starts Here(Start copying from below this line)

    Personal Questions:

    What is your Name?
    What is your Gender, Male/Female?
    What do you do, Work/Study?
    Which country are you from?
    Which languages do you understand & speak?
    Which WoEs are you able to attend?
    Do you have access to Ventrilo?
    Do you have a mic?
    Do you have the ability to follow orders?
    By what name would you like to be called, if you got accepted?

    In-Game Questions:
    (If you have multiple chars, mention all their details here)

    Char Name?
    Your Level(Base/Job)?
    Your Purpose in WoE(describe the role of your character briefly)?

    WoE Build:-


    Top Headgear:
    Mid Headgear:
    Lower headgear:
    Right Hand:
    Left Hand:

    Your WoE Stats:

    Str [XX+XX]:
    Agi [XX+XX]:
    Vit [XX+XX]:
    Int [XX+XX]:
    Dex [XX+XX]:
    Luk [XX+XX]:

    Do u have access to Foods?(ex: Dex, Agi food etc..):

    (Post a screenshot of your whole gameplay screen(your equip+stats window,skill tree, battlemode, battle log etc..). THIS IS COMPULSORY.
    Either attach the screenshot to this post using the forum attachment features or upload it in http://www.imageshack.us, get the direct link code from there & post it here.)

    WoE Questions:

    Have you ever played WoE before with an organized guild?
    If Yes, Name of guild and Which Server?
    What was your Role back there?
    Describe your experience briefly:

    If you get selected & join our guild:
    What would you do if we're attacking a castle, during WoE(Explain Briefly):

    What would you do if we're defending a castle, during WoE(Explain Briefly):


    Do you ever plan to MvP?
    If Yes, which Char?

    General Info:

    Why should we invite you?
    Why do you wanna join our guild?

    Do you know anyone from the guild?
    If Yes, his/her In-Game Name? *
    How do you know him/her?

    Any other info can be typed below:

    *- This is just for reference, this will not give you a better chance of getting into the guild. Knowing the Guild Master personally also doesn’t increase your chances of getting in. If you are deserving, then you are in.

    Application Ends Here(Copy till just above this line)

    Any applications missing the answers to any of the questions or missing the screenshot will get an automatic reject.

    When we ask you to provide updates, you have 4 days at most to reply with the updates. If not, your application will be rejected.

    You'll get a PM(via the forum) if you get accepted. Dont forget to check your INBOX.

    Application & Intro Credits: Inferno(http://www.inferno.co.cc) & Forced Entry(http://www.forcedentry.co.cc)


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